Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Tavern Time Capsule in the Cataract City

Bramer's Grill 1895

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This particular section from the "Forgotten Buffalo" website tells the tale of Bramer's Grill on Main Street.
Bramer's Grill 2008

The "Forgotten Buffalo" site also features Dueger's Tenowon Grill - 1001 Niagara St. Another glimpse into Niagara's past...

Dueger's Tenowon Grill 1961

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Friday Night At the Falls - RED COACH INN

There are certain nights throughout the glorious Summer right around 10pm when you can hear the booms of thunder, only to realize that it is actually the sound of fireworks being shot off above the mighty Niagara Falls. This Friday, we decided to go and see them rather than just listening to them faintly a couple miles away.
I decided to skip all hardcore parking spots, driving past the free Casino parking and the dozens of lame parking meters and drove to a sidestreet off of Rainbow Boulevard closer to Buffalo Ave. Free, quick and easy... and the best part about it was it was only about a block or two away from the Falls.

While passing the Red Coach Inn, we decided to stop there for a drink on the patio since we still had about an hour before the fireworks were set to go off. Being from Niagara Falls (born and raised, hanging out around Niagara Falls all of my life) these little spots (that attract thousands of tourists and out-of-towners a year) are often ignored by the local community. It is a very short walk from the Red Coach Inn to the actual Falls, and just as short of a walk to all of the tourist attractions that surround it. So instead of just walking past this cozy little establishment (like I have done a hundred times before), we thought we'd check it out.

Within minutes, we were seated at a comfortable, candle-lit table outside on the patio. The hostess let us know that at 10pm there would be fireworks over the Falls and we would be able to see them right from our table. Perfect!

The waiter brought out a basket of fresh bread and the bottle of Merlot we had requested. We then ordered two different shrimp appetizers - A plate of coconut-breaded-bacon-wrapped shrimp and a plate of shrimp stuffed with feta cheese. They were awesome. Fast delivery to the table and a decent sized portion enough to satisfy without overdoing it. We then ordered a dessert, a piece of chocolate cheesecake (which was as equally delicious as everything else we had prior) and shared that as the fireworks began.

The fireworks lasted about 10 minutes - and although they weren't as spectacular as something you would see on the Fourth of July, a night sky filled with fireworks (especially over one of the world's greatest natural wonders) is always a bonus.

The total bill, which included: fresh bread with dipping sauces, a bottle of Talus Merlot, two shrimp appetizers and a piece of cheesecake came to a total of $52.00. Add in the roar of the Falls and a skyline filled with fireworks and you have an affordable, awesome Friday Night at the Falls for you and your date... you can also pretend like you never read this blogpost and came up with the plan yourself, I won't tell!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Beautiful Summer Days in Niagara Falls, USA

Standing right up against the railing, I was able to snap this perfect picture, on a perfect picture day at Niagara Falls. Just one of the many gorgeous sights to be seen on Goat Island.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Our New Mayor (Originally Posted 1/1/2008)

Taken from one of my older posts on the first draft of the main page, I thought I would kick start the year of bloggin' with a political "cartoon"... basically showing the weight Dyster has to carry around after all the other knuckleheads before him left a mess behind. Godspeed Mr. Mayor... God Speed!