Monday, April 13, 2009

iWitnessNiagara Poll Results

A Jenss Department Store outing to Olcott Beach, August 1938. From the book, Images of America - Niagara Falls by Daniel M. Dumych. (click photo for larger image)

According to the reader's vote, Jenss on Main Steet is the hands down winner of the extremely scientific (yeah right) blog poll that has been up for a couple months.

Here are the results:

Here are the results for the equally scientific favorite grocery store survey:

Slipko's is the crowd favorite!

Do you have any reader poll suggestions? If so, please email StenzTV and we'll post your ideas! Stay tuned for future stories of interest and other general nonsense!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vintage Third Street

(click image for larger photo)
This photo was taken on Third Street circa 1949. Interesting to see the United Building in the background and its grand sign.
Photo courtesy of the Niagara Falls Library's Local History Department

1900 Holiday on Falls and Prospect Streets

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This photo was taken in 1900 - found in the Niagara Falls Public Library's Local History Department - marking on back of photo states that it was taken during a "Gay 1900 Holiday."


Main Post Office - 1887

(click image for larger photo)

This photo was taken in 1887 at the Main Post Office in the Arcade Building on Falls Street... the post office then moved to its current location in the Federal Building on Main Street in 1908. Take a look up at the people in the window... very cool.

Photos courtesy of the Niagara Falls Public Library's Local History Department.


Introducing GooglePothole

If you have ever used Google Earth or Google Maps, you might be familiar with the bird's eye view satellite images... you can zoom right in on a city or street and find out driving directions, terrain, structures, etc.. well, now they've just released GOOGLE-POTHOLE, an amazing new application of Google's satellite technology - giving drivers a head's up of the worst road conditions in the United States for drivers to avoid.

I focused on the worst part I drive daily - the stretch of Pine Avenue between Hyde Park and Packard. Potholes are depicted with red markings:

(click image for larger photo)

You can see the red markings indicate each and every pothole along this small stretch of road - causing tire blow-outs and shock absorber explosions by the dozens. Here is an even closer look of the area right around the corner where Pine meets Hyde Park:

(click image for larger photo)

How accurate is their technology? Try it yourself by clicking here: GooglePothole



Monday, April 6, 2009


"A Beacon of Light in the Fall of the Blight" - NY Times 4/4/01

The oldest, largest independent bookstore in Western New York, The Book Corner has been a Niagara Falls institution since 1927. Established by Marie Fleming, The Book Corner was positioned in a corner of The Anne, A Quaint Shop located in the motor ramp on First Street in Niagara Falls.
The store has moved and expanded over the years until now it encompasses three floors and 10,000 square feet on Main Street. In the continuing quest to serve customers from near and far, The Book Corner has launched this web page.
Or check out the following: MySpace:

Visit today... spend some time, spend some money and enjoy the Book Corner!