Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Victory Grill

These photos were taken at the Victory Grill owned by Joey Sacco 1965. (In the pictures, from left to right: Emilio Giuandinico, Carl Fosseen and Bernie O'Donnell)

"The Victory Grill was a popular bar on lower Main Street two doors down from Defazio's bar and bowling ally. I was one of the first musicians to play there with various bands. The owner was Joe Sacco Sr. who also owned the Buster Brown shoe store on Falls street near 2nd. It was small but had a good following." - submitted by Carl Fosseen

"We were known as Mel & The CB's. During the summer months we played 6 nights a week, with a marathon on Sunday from 3PM to 1AM" - Submitted by Bernie O'.