Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Then & Now - Police HeadQuarters, Niagara Falls, USA

With the Grand Opening ceremonies of the new courthouse last week, I thought I'd post an entry dedicated to those that serve and protect Niagara Falls... reaching deep into the Public Library's Local History Department for old photos, along with some snapshots of what you see today (2009). If you have anything to add to this post, please send it along! stenztv@gmail.com


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Communications Room - 10/16/1962 (Hyde Park Public Safety Building)


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The new Police HeadQuarters - Grand Opening Day 6/17/09

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Vintage Photos - Submitted by Jim Brunn

Thanks to StenzTV viewer Jim Brunn for the following submissions:

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Here’s another photo of interest. This is the “Crystal Palace” which was a castle made from ice blocks at Prospect Point each year around the turn of the century. How’s that for a winter attraction? Of course that’s when winters were winter, before global warming!

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This is a circa 1968 view of Falls St. from 3rd St looking west. The Hancock Bldg is the tall bldg on the left that has the O’Keefe Ale sign on it. That sign created quite a storm of controversy when it was erected.

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The old 5th St. School circa 1880’s, which was located in the 500 blk of 5th St.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summit Park Mall - In Memorium

In this blog post, we will publish some of our esteemed reader's contributions - the memories we all share of the beloved Summit Park Mall. If you have any you'd like to add or if you have any good old photos, we'd love to post it all! Enjoy:

Building the Summit Park Mall in 1972
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Summit Park Mall as it stood in 1980-81 when I worked at AM&As after school a few nights a week sorting freight, vacuuming rugs and moving sofas and tables around at the cruel whim of an evil furniture department manager who wasn't even my boss but couldn't stand the site of an idle minimum-wage kid!

I had almost forgotten this Mall even though I drive past it all the time, but the recent news makes me sad. It was one of our #1 hangouts when I was in school, and I worked two jobs there since as we talked about earlier I worked at Child World from 1984-early 87.

A few personal rememberences of mine: The Beacon Store was a Christian store that was later rented by Child World as a bike warehouse. The Wheel Goods Mgr. was a good buddy, we had been friends since middle school, and we used to go buy a few beers at Lindy's Deli (they weren't allowed to let you leave the Deli with beers, but we had friends there who looked the other way!) then lock ourselves in the old Beacon Store and "take liquid inventory" on slow days, LOL!

Cavages was always WAY cooler than Recordland. It just was.

Remember going to the back "black light" section of Spencer's and wishing you had enough cash to buy every poster, blacklight gadget and fishnet ceiling wrap back there?

McCrory's Restaurant had those Loganberry and Orange Soda "fountains" right out front that always looked so enticing to a thirsty kid.

And just what the hell did something called The Phone Store sell in 1980? I think I remember it, it was just a kiosk I think, but in 1980 there weren't even CORDLESS phones or anything, right? It was the dying days of Ma Bell and big clunky phones that came in two varieties: black and white.

Here goes, it's a long list and shows just how packed the Mall was in its heyday. And it didn't even have a real food court yet! (I remember it just starting to be built towards the end of my bike-building days at "The World" Porky's Sausages was one of the first along with the stalwart Leon's, the last man standing. They built the food court around him, which seems fitting somehow!)

Alethea's Chocolates
Allstate Insurance
Andrew's Wigs
Baker Shoes
The Beacon Store
Brook's Juniors Clothing
Card Cage
Carol Ann Women's Wear
Carousel Snack Bar
Cavages Record Store
Charms Etc.
Chess King
Child World Toy Store
Claire's Boutique
Coming Attractions
Connie Shoes
Dockter Pet Store
Fanny Farmer Candy
Flagg Bros. Shoes
Foxmoor Casuals
Frederick's of Hollywood
Frontier Fruit and Nut
Fun-n-Games Arcade
G & G Shops
Gallenkamp Shoes
Gap Shoes
General Cinemas Summit Park I & II
General Nutrition
Glenby Hair Salon
Gordon's Jewelers
Great Expectations Hair Salon
Hens & Kelly
Hickory Farms
Hungry Herman's Restaurant
J.P. Snodgrass
Jean Nicole
Joann Fabric
J T Men's Store
Kay-Bee Toys
Keepsake Diamonds
Kinney Shoes
Leon's Pizza
Lerner Shops
Levitation Clothing
The Limited
Lindy's Deli
M & T Bank
Main St. Ice Cream
Marianne Women's
Marjax Sporting Goods
McCrory's Restaurant
Merry Go Round
Motherly Maternity
National Shirt Co.
Niagara County Savings Bank
Nobil Shoes
Parklane Hosiery
Pearle Vision Center
The Phone Center
The Proving Ground
Radio Shack
Reed's Jewelers
Regal Shoes
Richman Bros. Men's
Rite-Aid Pharmacy
The Sample Shop
Sears Auto Service
Sears Country Inn
Sears Hair World
Shed House
Singer Co.
Spencer Gifts
Sperry & Hutchinson Trading Stamps
Stella's Tots-to-Teens
Stuart Women's
Summit Park Mall Children's Photographer
Susie's Casuals
Things Remembered
Thom McAn Shoes
Tuxedo Junction
Ulbrich's Office Supply
Wally's Designs
Waterbed World
Wild Pair Shoes
York Steak House
Zales Jewelry

Thanks Bill - once again, he submits... and scores!

Here are another couple memories that trickled in...

DoctorPet 11/23/1984
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FROM CHANTALE O. (former classmate of mine growing up):

have to say that one of my favourite memories of the summit mall was when mr. pagano took our class there for one of our "field trips".we had to go store to store and ask the clerks questions about their jobs and running a store.he wanted to make it educational - otherwise what was the point, right?thinking back on it now - how do you think those sales people felt when these little snotty kids were asking them questionsabout their minimum wage jobs as if they were careers. could be cute - could be annoying.come to think of it - he had us do that quite a bit - remember the farmers market on pine avenue - we had to do the same thing.anyway - that's my memory from the mall. also - meeting up with whomever dropped us off at "the bridge" or "the pit" after a long day of browsing.i tried to shoplift from claires once (probably a pair of .50 earrings or something) but couldn't bring myself to do it - i know - goody two shoes.

Remember the Fountains? 1984
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Subject line: Nooooooooooo!

No really, Summit is actually closing? It is pretty sad. That place was the shiznit when we were younger. "Wanna go to the Mall?" Alladins Castle, Leons, Chess King, Walden's, or the New York Steak house. I heard one reason a mall like that doesnt work is because unlike The Factory Outlet it is not near a "Major" highway". Not as easy to find I guess. Spill some of my 40oz for the Summit.
(and yes, he is kidding about spilling a 40oz.)

Mall Scene with Fountains and Bridge in background
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Foutain Zoom-in Action
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