Monday, June 22, 2009

Vintage Photos - Submitted by Jim Brunn

Thanks to StenzTV viewer Jim Brunn for the following submissions:

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Here’s another photo of interest. This is the “Crystal Palace” which was a castle made from ice blocks at Prospect Point each year around the turn of the century. How’s that for a winter attraction? Of course that’s when winters were winter, before global warming!

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This is a circa 1968 view of Falls St. from 3rd St looking west. The Hancock Bldg is the tall bldg on the left that has the O’Keefe Ale sign on it. That sign created quite a storm of controversy when it was erected.

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The old 5th St. School circa 1880’s, which was located in the 500 blk of 5th St.


William said...

Back in the early 1940s I went to Fifth Street School. My father went there in the early 1900s.

I still remember some of my old teachers: Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Brophy, Miss Conway, Miss Pete

Anonymous said...

My grandfather was Chief of Detectives during the 40's n 50's. I believe. Checking on info. Angus D. McIntyre.