Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just a quick Photo/Video posting to remind you that when you are shoveling your car off in the morning that things just ain't that bad!
Do you have any old photos or stories about the Blizzard of '77 that you would like to share? Send 'em to stenztv@gmail.com and we'll attach them to this posting.

LaSalle Village Building & Post Office

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When LaSalle became a part of the city of Niagara Falls in 1927, its Library already had a home -- two small rooms in the picturesque village hall on Buffalo Avenue, a facility that it shared with a post office and a police station. An offshoot of the LaSalle Literary Society, the library quickly became the hub of community life under the direction of Mrs. Alfreda Walker and, later, Mrs. Fred Campbell. Youngsters turned the pages of picture books at the slant-topped oak tables in the tiny children's room. Adults congregated in the inviting main reading room with its sunny, arched windows which featured during three seasons of the year, a vibrant display of red geraniums. (Please click here for link)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Corner of Pine Avenue & Military Road 1958

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In 1958, The Plantation and The Milk Cup stood where we now see McDonalds on the corner of Niagara Falls Boulevard (Pine Avenue) and Military Road. Great Photo!

This photo was submitted by Bill S. via the LaSalle Class of 1963 site.


Mil-Pine Plaza 1958

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This photo was taken in 1958 of the Jenss & Lee's Drugs Plaza - where Media Play (Tops before that) is located now.

This photo was submitted by Bill S. via the LaSalle Class of 1963 site.