Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mil-Pine Plaza 1958

(Click on photo for large image - composite of two photos originally)

This photo was taken in 1958 of the Jenss & Lee's Drugs Plaza - where Media Play (Tops before that) is located now.

This photo was submitted by Bill S. via the LaSalle Class of 1963 site.


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drser said...

I remember living as a young boy near this plaza and if you look real close the A&P food market is the store in the picture. They had a animatronic pig in the meat aisle selling all kinds of pig products, with it's head swing side to side and arms going up and down and I remember being so scared of this thing, I would scream and make a fuss so that dad had to go down the aisle get the meat and meet mom and I in another aisle. Funny the things you remember.