Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just a quick Photo/Video posting to remind you that when you are shoveling your car off in the morning that things just ain't that bad!
Do you have any old photos or stories about the Blizzard of '77 that you would like to share? Send 'em to stenztv@gmail.com and we'll attach them to this posting.


Jim said...

The day the blizzard of 77 began I was test-driving a jeep with a plow. Unfortunately, the seller didn't want to turn it over until after the storm was over, but I did end up buying it and putting it to good use the rest of the winter.
I was working for the NFPD & Frontier Ambulance Service, and spent the next week dealing with the snow. Many times we couldn't get within a block of the patient's house with the ambulance and had to trudge through the snow pulling the cart, and then reverse the trend with the patient on board. In general the blizzard brought out the best in folks as neighbor helped neighbor. CB radio operators with 4x4's were mobilized to take critical workers to their jobs (nurses/doctors, etc) and deliver medications and groceries, all coordinated from NFPD HQS. 30+years later it almost seemed like fun.

Colleen said...

We put our house in Colonial Village up for sale right before the blizzard hit. Needless to say, it didn't sell until much much later ;). It was our last winter in the Falls, having moved to HOT Arizona (I went from NF to Tempe, Az: From where hell freezes over to where it's hotter than hell). I remember that winter well.

RCMJr said...

I grew up in the Town of Niagara and that morning I drove to town hall to pay a utility bill for my mother. It was mostly a white-out, and on the corner of Lockport/Military I barely saw a cop in the intersection, lights flashing. Pointing the way I'd come, he yelled "This road is closed!" "I didn't know," I said. The Toyota (72) was so light and the wind packed the snow so hard I rode up and down the drifts that made Military Road a low mountain range. My brother made it home from N-W about noon (what a day for a school bus driver) It took my mother 3 hours to make a 15 min. commute down Military. Her Dodge got far enough into the driveway to be off the road and sat there for a week until we could dig it out. My father got a ride home from NT near sunset. Still the worst storm I've ever been in.