Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Joining the "Y"

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After much deliberation and numerous pizzas and submarines, I decided that it was time (long overdue) to join a gym and get back into the swing of things. There are at least a dozen or more (published in the phone book) health/fitness gyms to choose from in the Niagara Falls area. After touring several, and while serving as your dedicated StenzTV owner, operator, publisher, editor, contributor, photographer (etc...etc!), I felt it was my civic duty to give my dough (catch the double meaning) to a community serving establishment, so I joined the YMCA on Portage Road.

I used to be on the Raquetball Team in high school (LaSalle Senior High School) and we held our weekly matches at the Y. The Y we used to visit and the Y that exists now are two totally different entities. I remember the Y being fairly run-down and in need of many improvements and updates... stale air and chipping paint come to mind. It was nice to see that these memories have been left to the past - the Y now is fresh and clean, offering hundreds of pieces of new equipment, clean rooms (including totally new tile and lockers), and also contemporary fitness classes and programs. The men's locker room has new tile and lockers and is kept clean and in good order.

Along with all of the new equipment and improvements, a lot of the old equipment still has its use and its place - free weights, the sauna, the courts (raquetball and basketball), the pool, the steam room, and so on... a fatty like me has everything he needs! Now its just a matter walking through the doors and doin' work!

Take a look at their website, but better yet, stop by and ask for a tour of the facility. Its nice to see that an old friend is still keeping up and lookin' better than ever.

For more information - click here: http://www.ymcabuffaloniagara.org/branches/niagarafalls.html


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