Tuesday, February 10, 2009

JustinTyme on the River Family Restaurant

When I was a little kid, the crew of us that rode our bikes around Cayuga Island and played at Jayne Park would peddle over to the Lighthouse Restaurant on Buffalo Avenue once a week to enjoy a hot dog or a burger while the summer days breezed past. Flash forward 15 years and you'd find us at the same location (during one of its many incarnations) at Dockers, playing volleyball on Tuesday nights and afterwards enjoying some adult beverages while watching those dancing on the dance floor to the latest pop songs booming from the bar's speaker system.

The establishment at 7611 Buffalo Avenue in LaSalle may have had many different names and themes over the past few decades, so when I arranged with JustinTyme's to come in and do a review of their new fingerprint on the building, I didn't know what to expect... and honestly, from what I have seen or heard about the last few tries from business owners at that location, I didn't expect much - whoa, was I wrong!

The Chickadee and I pulled up on Friday around 7pm, and after finally finding a decent parking spot amidst a sea of vehicles, we entered the building. This place was HOPPIN'! We put our names down on the waiting list (about 30 minutes we were told) and took in the sights. The general motif of JustinTyme's is a motorhead's dream! If the guys in my highschool's auto shop class were given the project of building their own version of an Applebee's, JustinTyme on the River would be their result. Now, I am more of an NFL die-hard and I generally lean away from anything NASCAR related, but after being there for about five minutes, I started looking forward to the first NASCAR race in Daytona and I started wondering just how fast my Blazer could go down the Robert Moses if I really floored it... maybe it was the hundreds of license plates hanging or the rear ends of classic automobiles sticking out of the walls the way a hunter would hang his prized deer head, but whatever the reason, the motor oil ambiance of the place was hard to ignore!

We were seated within ten minutes and handed a race car styled menu chock full of tastes for every palette. Choosing from the Warm Up Laps, Liquid Fuel, Victory Laps, and Home Stretch Desserts there is plenty of options for every taste. In fact, there isn't enough space in this article to list every offering but let me hit ya up with a few to get your taste buds yearning: Grandma's Pot Roast, The BigFoot Burger, 12oz. Steak Platter, and Southern Pecan Pie just to name a few.

The prices are very reasonable, burgers and sandwiches average about $7.00 and come with fries and larger dinners average about $11.00. I ordered Grandma's Homemade Meatloaf and it came with a choice of soup and potato. The Chickadee ordered the Friday Fish Fry with potato and cole slaw. My dinner was absolutely fantastic and large enough for a big eater like myself. The fish fry was crispy on the outside and perfect on the inside. That fish fry was possibly the best I've ever had... hmmm, I'll have to try it again sometime before I make that judgement! For both meals, the portions were large and the taste was delicious.

The wait time for getting seated was quicker than estimated, the customer service was good, the food came out fast, and the restaurant is very clean and comfortable. I am recommending JustinTyme on the River to anyone who is within earshot (or for the sake of this blog, I guess I would say eyeshot? uh... just trust me on this one). My expectations were surpassed and I definitely plan on visiting again. Not only did they offer great food at a great price, but overall, it was fun place to visit and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Times have changed since Scotty Chambers and I rode our bikes to the Lighthouse, and times have definitely changed since Tony Kutis was bustin' moves on the dance floor at Dockers, but in this case, times have changed for the better! Visit JustinTyme on the River Family Restaurant today and help support a local business that is making its mark in LaSalle. You won't be disappointed!

Justin Tyme on the River Family Restaurant also offers an extensive take out menu as well as a catering menu. You can visit their website by
clicking here.

Justin Tyme on the River Family Restaurant
7611 Buffalo Ave. Phone: (716) 283-1339 Fax: (716) 283-1377
Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

From their website:

Justin Tyme On The River offers a wide selection of food favorites.With more than 16 years of service, our caring staff and talented chefsare dedicated to making your dining adventure fun, relaxing, and pleasurable.Whether you bring your family in for quality time together or gather with your friendsfor a hearty meal, our family-owned and operated restaurant is the perfect place for you!

For the best food and catering services, come to our restaurant! Private Banquet room for up to 40 people.

Voted best "Beef on Weck" and "Best French Fries"in Niagara Falls by Niagara Readers Choice Award 2005. New Menu!
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lk said...

I remember it from circa 1960 when I went to LJHS. I cannot remember its name however. Right next to it was Walt's Barber Shop - haircuts for 25 cents (or some ridiculously low price) and he gave you a comic book also. I think he also sold fish bait.