Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Introducing GooglePothole

If you have ever used Google Earth or Google Maps, you might be familiar with the bird's eye view satellite images... you can zoom right in on a city or street and find out driving directions, terrain, structures, etc.. well, now they've just released GOOGLE-POTHOLE, an amazing new application of Google's satellite technology - giving drivers a head's up of the worst road conditions in the United States for drivers to avoid.

I focused on the worst part I drive daily - the stretch of Pine Avenue between Hyde Park and Packard. Potholes are depicted with red markings:

(click image for larger photo)

You can see the red markings indicate each and every pothole along this small stretch of road - causing tire blow-outs and shock absorber explosions by the dozens. Here is an even closer look of the area right around the corner where Pine meets Hyde Park:

(click image for larger photo)

How accurate is their technology? Try it yourself by clicking here: GooglePothole



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Paul said...

OK, Chris, as I admitted on the John Restaino radio show last week, you got me... But if you can figure out how to do this for real, the City is in!

Mayor Paul Dyster