Monday, April 6, 2009


"A Beacon of Light in the Fall of the Blight" - NY Times 4/4/01

The oldest, largest independent bookstore in Western New York, The Book Corner has been a Niagara Falls institution since 1927. Established by Marie Fleming, The Book Corner was positioned in a corner of The Anne, A Quaint Shop located in the motor ramp on First Street in Niagara Falls.
The store has moved and expanded over the years until now it encompasses three floors and 10,000 square feet on Main Street. In the continuing quest to serve customers from near and far, The Book Corner has launched this web page.
Or check out the following: MySpace:

Visit today... spend some time, spend some money and enjoy the Book Corner!

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Kath Schifano said...

The Book Corner is a Niagara Falls jewel-the place to find a perfect gift for anyone-newborn to aged. Thanks for a little bit of history, I did not know it was on First Street.
I hope the new Main Street crowd discovers the bounty on Jeff's shelves.