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Street Names Past to Present: LaSalle -1928

In the naming and renaming of streets (in 1928), Niagara Falls, like many other cities had a senseless experience. The merging of the two former villages, with both having similar names for streets, added materially to the confusing condition that had to be corrected. Politicians saw in this situation opportunity to hang the names of some of their party leaders on the city, while still others seized the occassion to hang their family name on some of the thoroughfares. Names of historic interest were abandoned, as we others of geographic value. (from an article entitled "Street Names, Past and Present" by O.E. Dunlop - courtesy of the Local History Department)

Present Name - Past Name:

56th St - Evershed Avenue
57th St - Ericson Place
57th South St - Penn Place
58th St - Roebling Place
59th St - Morse Avenue
59th St - Wilson Avenue
60th St - Harding Avenue
61st St - Manchester Avenue
61st St - Shoreman Drive
62nd St - Chalfonte Road
63rd St - Strathmore Road
65th St - Independence Avenue
66th St - Reliance Avenue
67th St - Shepherd Avenue
68th St - Curtis Avenue
69th St - Joliet Avenue
69th St - Rosewood Terrace
70th St - Lincoln Avenue
71st St - Hennepin Avenue
71st St - Thomas Street
72nd St - Pacific Avenue
73rd St - Atlantic Avenue
74th St - Lynch Avenue

77th St - Duane Avenue
78th St - Hopkins Avenue
79th St - Norman Avenue
80th St - Belden Avenue
81st St - Hamilton Street
82nd St - Seneca Avenue
83rd St - Oneida Avenue
84th St - Marquette Parkway
85th St - Onondaga Avenue
85th St - South Onondage Avenue
86th St - Bollier Avenue
86th St - Roswell Avenue
South 86th St - Burdett Street
South 86th St - Island Parkway

87th St - Griffon Street
87th St - St. John's Avenue
South 87th St - Cayuga Place
88th St - Gombert Avenue
South 89th Street - Seneca Parkway
90th St - Elm Place
91st St - Tompkins Street
South 91st St - LaSalle Parkway
92nd St - Park Avenue
93rd St - Pierce Avenue
South 93rd St - Primrose Parkway
94th St - Dick Street
95th St - Green Street
100 St - Ideal Street
101st St - Pleasant Avenue
102nd St - Wheatfield Avenue
Baker Avenue - South Street
Bollier Avenue - Elizabeth Street
Buffalo Avenue - River Road
Champlain Avenue - Forest Avenue
Edison Avenue - Orchard Place
Edison Avenue - Second Place
Frontier Avenue - Fourth Place
Frontier Avenue - Kernott Street
Frontier Avenue - Meredith Street
Frontier Avenue - Railroad Avenue
Girard Avenue - Lee Street
Girard Avenue - Sixth Place
Griffon Avenue - Woodlawn Avenue
Hennepin Avenue - Center Avenue
Jayne Place - Terrace Place
Joliet Avenue - Rivershore Drive
Lindbergh Avenue - Elon Street
Lindbergh Avenue - Fifth Place
Lindbergh Avenue - Linden Road
Lindbergh Avenue - Lindsey Street
Lindbergh Avenue - North Railroad Avenue
Pasadena Avenue - West Avenue
Perry Avenue - First Place
Pershing Avenue - Niagara Avenue
Simmons Avenue - William Street
Stephenson Avenue - Factory Street
Stephenson Avenue - South Railroad Avenue
Stephenson Avenue - Third Place
Troy Avenue - Washington Street

The following articles (on the subject of the name changes) are from March of 1928, appearing in the Niagara Gazette:

(Click each article for larger image)

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