Friday, November 28, 2008

Local Review: Eddie Jays Restaurant on Buffalo Avenue

For this week's review, the Chickadee and I decided to visit Eddie Jay's Restaurant on Buffalo Avenue in LaSalle. You may remember the building a long time ago as "Weekends" in the 1980s, or maybe as "Goomba's" in the 1990's, or perhaps you paid a visit when it was "Rock n' Jocks" a few years ago. If you've never been there in any of it's past incarnations, let me first tell you how to get there... you'll find Eddie Jays on Buffalo Avenue, just past the LaSalle Library and Cayuga Drive going towards the Summit Mall... in fact, here is a handy little map to help you find your way:

(click image to view larger)

Eddie Jay's was pretty empty when we arrived, but at 5pm on a Tuesday, I wouldn't expect too many customers at any restaurant on a dreadfully rainy November afternoon. The place was very clean, with a Tuscan-esque decor... a far cry from how I remember it as the pizza and wing place called Goomba's. Eddie himself greeted us at the bar and told us to sit anywhere we'd like. Although there wasn't any sports on at this time in the afternoon, the half dozen hanging LCD televisions scattered throughout the restaurant gave me the impression that this would be a great place to watch some games, drink some beers and have a good meal while doing so.

The menu at Eddie Jay's offers a lot of choices at very reasonable prices. Take a look at the menu by clicking here. After much deliberation, I went for the stuffed shells (with two meatballs) and the Chickadee decided to have the chicken alfredo. With our dinners, I had chicken soup and she had a house salad. The chicken soup was hearty and helped to nullify the lingering bite of the cold rain outdoors. Within minutes after finishing our starters, the entrees arrived, and they looked and smelled delicious. The portions were large, the sauces were rich (not acidy), and the taste was excellent. When you visit Eddie Jay's, if you stray from the regular choices of burgers, wings, etc. - I highly recommend the pasta dishes, there were great.

After our dinner plates were cleared, Eddie suggested we try one of his sister's homemade desserts. We went for the peanut butter cheesecake. Once again, awesome! The dessert was the perfect ending to a very good meal.

Our bill came to a grand total of $47.00. That included: 4 drinks (two glasses of Shiraz, and two Stoli-sodas), a dinner salad, a bowl of soup, a large plate of stuffed shells in meatsauce with two extra meatballs, a whopping plate of chicken alfredo, and one slice of homemade cheesecake. Great quality - great price!

Eddie Jay's also has a large late night menu and a full bar offering up all the spirits you could wish for, making it a great place to watch any sports action or to hunker down and watch a Buffalo Bills game. Bring the entire family during the holidays and enjoy the excellent family style cooking that Eddie Jay's offers. Visit the website here for more information.

For more information, click this link for a past Niagara Falls Reporter article featuring Eddie Jay's.

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