Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Falls Street 1914

(Click photo for larger image)

Rumaging through the files at the Local History Department, I found this photo - not much information available about it, other than the description on the back that said, "Falls St. 1914." Click on the photo to make it larger to see more details.



Anonymous said...

Looks like the photo was taken looking west from the corner of 1st Street near Sears Roebuck store

robertasfineart said...

Looking carefully at the right hand side of the photo, I read "Cataract Theater", and "vaudeville" below it. These signs are partially covered by the large cloth banner decorating a light pole. This makes sense as my mother worked there as an usherette when she was young and the Strand and Cataract Theaters had long been on the vaudeville citcuit. I hope this helps.