Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Wagon Wheel Restaurant & Bar

It is a little known fact that after the tornado ripped through Kansas and carried Dorothy to Oz, it then traveled to a back road somewhere in Tennessee, picked up a honky tonk saloon and dropped it smack dab in the middle of Niagara Falls, NY. True Story. Okay, so I made that part up... but how else would you explain this lil' bit of country standing all by its lonesome on one of Western New York's busiest boulevards?

Now owned by Robert Timm, the Wagon Wheel has been around since the late 1940s when the building was first used as general store. Converting to a restaurant/bar in its evolution, the Wagon Wheel now serves up some of the best damn chicken wings in the area (cheap too!) and thanks to their original still-in-use BEERADOR beer cooler, they also serve up the coldest beers this side of the Mississippi.

[Quick sidenote regarding the BEERADOR from owner Robert Timm: "Built in Buffalo by the Jewett Refrigerator Co., from 1939-41, when the US entered World War 2. The company also made a Bevador, which was geared more for selling pop at general stores and whatnot, and didn't come with the "beer bottle top." We have had the shelves rebuilt, and ours holds 4 cases of beer on each of it's 4 shelves, for roughly 384 bottles of cold beer. I've only seen 3 other Beeerador/Bevadors in use in recent years."]

(From Popular Mechanix 1939)

Belly up to the bar and order your choice of many finger foods their menu has to offer... in fact, that is all their menu has to offer! Who needs fancy country club salads and hoity-toity martinis with floating fruit? At the Wagon Wheel, you can order a frosty Budweiser and 20 hot chicken wings, watch a Sabres game and still have enough money left over to play the jukebox and tip the bartender on your way out!

The prices all across the board (from the bar to the menu) are very reasonable and they offer a wide selection of beers and spirits for every taste. Stop in during a Buffalo Sabres or Buffalo Bills game and enjoy drink and food specials - 10 wings and a pitcher of beer only $9.50! The Wagon Wheel opens Sunday at noon (just in time for NFL action during football season), weekdays 2pm - 2am, and on Friday and Saturdays from 2pm - 3am. Enjoy your sporting events on their 65 inch big screen which can be seen from the moon! Well okay, maybe not the moon, but it has been mentioned that you can see that behemoth from the entrance way to Tops across the street!

If you enjoy establishments that welcome friendly neighbors while celebrating Americana with the true grit of John Wayne - then you'll enjoy the Wagon Wheel Restaurant & Bar... stop by and say howdy!

The Wagon Wheel Restaurant & Bar
7201 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Do you have a story or a memory of the Wagon Wheel? Please submit it today to add to this article! Also welcoming any old photos or other nostalgia you might have.


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