Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fire at Robert Hall Clothes - 1977

(Click on photo for larger image)

(click on photo for larger image)
Robert Hall Clothes - an anchor store of Haeberle Plaza... January 27, 1977*

*Thank you to Marty Shimmel for his keen eye and keen memory in helping to correct the date of this fire (photo was mistakenly noted as January 22nd, but in fact was the 27th, right before the Blizzard of '77 hit!)



Marty Shimmel said...

Chris-I believe the fire at robert Hall clothes actually occured on Jan 26th or 27th 1977 the night before the blizzard of '77 and not on 1/22 as indicated in your post. Also there was another major fire on Pine Ave within a few days of that one that occured during the blizzard..can't remember the details of that one. Can you check it out? Friendly wagers and pride are at stake! :)

Stenz said...

Marty - Checking on this! I'll get back to ya asap!