Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome Back Polish Nook!

2242 Cudaback Ave, Niagara Falls, NY
(716) 282-6712‎
Hours - Wed to Sun 3pm-9pm

Yes folks, the restaurant is once again back in business and the food is as good or better than it ever was. It has started serving customers since last Friday. There has not been any public advertising as yet, but that will began in a week or so. So far it is by word of mouth, and that is how my wife and I wound up going there this evening for an excellent dinner for two! We had their Polish Platter and Steak and Shrimp dinners.. The meal included desert & coffee. The prices are excellent! Our cost for the two delicious meals was only S23.00!

They have a good selection of both Polish and Italian foods.

John, the former owner of "Johns Flaming Hearth" is now the owner of the' POLISH NOOK.' The combination of foods served at both former restaurants, should please all the former patrons of both restaurants. It is certainly a welcome addition to this area of the city and we wish them much success. This is what the city needs, more local investment by local entrepreneurs. We, my family and I, encourage the local people to make it a point to support this local effort to re-establish a lost business in the city! You can do this and enjoy great food at the same time!

Review by Terry L. Equils


Tom said...

My wife and I went to the nook for dinner last weekend and I just want to say the food, service & price were all awesome. We will be going back at least 1 or 2 times per week. I am proud to have a restaurant like this in our neighborhood.

Matt said...

I just wanted to correct this article. John from Johns Flaming Hearth does not own the Polish Nook; he works for them.

Anonymous said...

I worked at the Polish Nook when it was thriving. I should remember the name of Dave and Danny's band,but sorry I don't. Great Polish music though. Stan was the greatest boss there ever was,along with his wife, Stella, making the wonderful food in the kitchen. So many memories. RIP Stanley and Stella Kajfasz.