Monday, February 15, 2010

Their Ads vs. Our Reality

Originaly Posted in July 2008:
Establishment(s) visited: Burger King on Military Road and KFC on Niagara Falls Blvd.

Its Summer and the grills in Niagara Falls are alive, with the smells of sirloin. So why on Earth would anyone visit Burger King when they have the option to slap a heavenly patty of red meat on the backyard barbeque? Because I ran out of propane. Minutes later I find myself at the Military Road
Burger King ordering one of those Steakhouse Burgers... ya know the ones that are advertised every five minutes on network television? Well, if you haven't seen it, here is how the King presents it:

After seeing how awesome it looked on TV and in print ads, it had to be mine! Unfortunately, what I got instead was this:

If I really could "have it my way," I would go with the one I thought I was buying, the big fluffy, juicy burger with fresh lettuce and crisp bacon like they show in the ads... not the sloppy mess that I received. Ah well, teaches me the value of my backyard grill. This experiment was inspired by the Ads vs. Reality site, where you can find a bunch of these types of comparisons.
PART TWO: The Lying Colonel

On the way home from the Chambers abode, I stopped for a little bucket of southern fried chicken parts. To my dismay, the headless voice on the ordering menu stated in a crackled tone, "SORRY - WE ARE OUT OF CHICKEN." Hmmm... 8pm on a Sunday night, and they are out chicken? Kentucky Fried Chicken... is out of chicken? Wow. My cholesterol thanks you Colonel Sanders, but my taste buds are flipping you the bird (pun INTENDED). After being denied some of that grease dunked fowl, I remembered a couple photos I had on file of my last KFC order several months ago (intending on posting it then!).

This is the bucket of chicken they advertise you'll be getting with the big 'ole crispy, juicy pieces:

Here is one of the actual pieces that was nestled in the bucket of artery clogging doom:

Does this skanky little parakeet wing look anything like the giant crispy pieces offered in the bucket above? Not even close. After cracking past the crispy coating, nothing was inside but a small puff of day-old air... just like in the cartoons. So basically, my 4 piece dinner was only a 3.25 piece. First that, now the fact that they "ran out of chicken" on a weekend...DAMN YOU COLONEL! (I should'a known not to trust him
simply because the way you say and spell "Colonel" just doesn't make any sense!)


JW said...

Stenz...What about the 2 best sandwiches ever in that area? One exited in about 1975...Ye OLD TAVERN...on S. Main st. Best beef on a weck Until it burned down....hottest horse radish ,rarest beef ....AND who didn't eat a Violas double steak and cheese...Elmwood on the market.I think they are still there ..please varify!!!Iwas in 2nd grade when they opened (around 56)you could get a meatball or steak sub for 70 cents and split it with a friend grade schooler could eat a whole one .I would walk to 17th st. school and smell those subs every day... taining.....

Stenz said...

Yep! The one on Elmwood is still there!

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