Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Corner of 76th Street and Buffalo Avenue

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Blankman said...

I love this photo; thanks for sharing. At the extreme left one can see the old La Salle High School. Between the theater and Lowblaw's was Tony's Soda Fountain where we kids often gathered after school. My brother Bob worked at Lowblaw's after he graduated from La Salle in 1940. Through my friend Larry Cawker, the theater manager allowed me free admission if I polished the brass plates on the doors and assisted Larry in changing the marquee letters to show what was currently playing. We were both fired from that job when we changed Humphrey Bogart's name to "Comfy Blowfart!" It was on the marquee for a few days before the manager noticed it, much to our youthful amusement. I attended La Salle Jr. and Sr. High School from the 7th grade through the 11th, and then moved to Santa Ana, California, where I graduated in 1950. Don Blankman