Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Main Street "Battle of the Bands" 1966

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The first photo is c.1966 and was taken in front of Ruben’s Pawn Shop on Main St. during a Battle of the Bands, sponsored by the Main St. Business Assoc. It shows 3 14-15yr olds who called themselves The Apaches, left to right Thom Rotella on guitar, Rich DelZoppo on guitar and Pat Peri on drums.

Their stage was the back of a flat bed trailer. They won that contest, and subsequent “battles,” that occurred in an expanded version with two real stages in a vacant lot at Cleveland Ave and Main St.

Thom Rotella moved on to the west coast and has become one of the top smooth jazz guitarists in the world. You should check out his incredible biography on his website (http://www.thomrotella.com/). Rich DelZoppo is currently still playing music in the WNY area, and Pat Peri is an executive in business in Buffalo.

The second photo is of the three of them as they appeared a couple years ago when Thom was a headliner at the Lewiston Jazz Festival and the three reunited for the photo.

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